Documentation (for Employer)

To begin with, the employer and the Jai Shakti Employment Services should execute an agency agreement between them stating adequately the terms and conditions regarding demand and supply of manpower from India. This agreement should be signed by both the parties Towards acceptance of stated terms and conditions upon which the manpower trade will be executed.

Employers Part :

Demand Letter  (Download Here) in MS-Word format

The employer /Principal will formally issue a demand letter in favour of Jai Shakti Employment Services stating the job categories , number of workers required in each category , monthly salary , duration of contract and other amenities for workers such as food , medical , transport , air passage , accommodation etc.

Power of Attorney  (Download Here) in MS-Word format
The employer / principal will issue a letter of authority in favour of Jai Shakti Employment Services addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned Embassy in India , informing him that M/s Jai Shakti Employment Services is their bonafide Manpower recruiting agent fully authorised to deal with all visa matters , submissions and delivery , with the said Embassy. (applicable to middle-east only).

Agreement of Employment (Download Here) in MS-Word format

This is a standard employment contract between employer and employee.

Specimen Copy – Demand Letter
Specimen Copy – Power of Attorney
Specimen Copy – Agreement