Our team of highly qualified experts provides a professional and friendly service that is tailored to your needs, not ours.

Unlike many other law firms and immigration consultancies, Jai Shakti Employment Services were exclusively set up to provide clients with specialist advice and assistance on the new visas programmes introduced by the different-2 countries

Jai Shakti Employment Services is also unique because all of our consultants have years of experience in work visas now we have planned to started running business of study visa. This is important because the visa schemes for which we provide advice have strict criteria which have to be met by prospective applicants. The processing of applications may take weeks or months and the application fee charged by the Home Office can be substantial. Some schemes may even require you to be interviewed prior to entry. It is therefore crucial that you only make applications that are viable and that you provide the information which will maximize your chance of success, so as to prevent additional cost and delay.

Our fees are also significantly lower than many of our competitors, some of whom charge in excess of some rupees per application (irrespective of whether your application is successful). If you don’t believe us, just do the research. As such, we believe that we offer our clients value for money.

We offer a range of visa services that are known for their reliability and transparency. We recruit students only after deep assessment of their academic credentials and other certificates. We undertake extensive and personalized counseling sessions regarding students and their parents. We ensure appropriate communication between students & abroad institutions regarding any sort of inquiry or concern. Overall, we ensure that our clients do not face any kind of personal or legal obstacle in earning visa for their abroad education. Following are the efficient services provided.

Jai Shakti employment services reliable company and the expansion the growth of the company always depending on the service provide by the company as we know rapid growth of this company always being challenged for the other competent.

JSES always believe in fulfilling their commitment and we are sure for the candidate to help them to achieve their dreams

The method of our company JSES we believe in never say die attitude so far you may associates with the company which is having credibility and specializing in visa or immigration.